Wasteland Resources - Armor, Weapons, Gear and more!  [94]

Wasteland Resources - Armor, Weapons, Gear and more!

Welcome to Wasteland Resources!! Wasteland Resources is your one stop shop for all things post apocalyptic! We have everything from helmets and camo to skulls, staffs, shields and much more, come have a look! Aside from our ready to use gear, we also do custom costuming, prop builds, set design, video production, photography, graphic design, branding, can provide stunning wasteland models & talent and lots more, hit us up with any question or comments! We are still setting up our home page but for now, drop by our FB page and ETSY store to stay up to date on all the newest gear and projects! https://www.facebook.com/wastelandresources/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/wastelandresources www.WastelandResources.com Thanks a lot for dropping by! Jesse Lindsay - Wasteland Resources