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Hedge Sword  2

Hedge Sword 2

This is a hedge trimmer, mounted to a handle and ready to go prune the heads of your enemies! For prop use only, not actually a weapon, use at your own risk, dont be an asshole. We are always available to make custom gear, cosplay, props, help with video and photowork and to provide the more stunning wasteland models and photographers out there, hit us up with any and all of your post apocalyptic needs! We also do album art and design, illustration, branding, promotional work, event coordinating and much more. https://www.facebook.com/wastelandresources/ https://www.etsy.com/shop/wastelandresources www.WastelandResources.com Thanks a lot for dropping by! Jesse Lindsay - Wasteland Resources

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22 Dec 2015
720 x 960
Special Instructions FBMD01000aa10d0000c835000019800000b58e0000e1a1000090ee00000699010030a1010075b40100c3c901003de80200
Original Transmission Reference zdVFAoStwC82y_qv-RPT