Man catcher 2

Custom made man-catcher, it is adjustable from 3ft - 6ft, has a spiked guard and the control end is wrapped in barb wire! The front end snaps around the neck of your pray to demobilize them, the rest if up to you ;) Wrapped in grip tape and spiked at the base, something like this could be yours, all you have to do is ask! For prop use only, not actually a weapon, use at your own risk, dont be an asshole. We are always available to make custom gear, cosplay, props, help with video and photowork and to provide the more stunning wasteland models and photographers out there, hit us up with any and all of your post apocalyptic needs! We also do album art and design, illustration, branding, promotional work, event coordinating and much more. Thanks a lot for dropping by! Jesse Lindsay - Wasteland Resources

Man catcher   2